Compact 100
Application of Compact 100 standard panel bridge:
Single lane: Bridge deck width: 3.7m. Span length: 9-75m

The compact 100 panel bridge is a type of bridge system that can be dissembled and rapidly erected. The whole bridge is welded with high-tensile strength steel. The girder is lightweight composite panels and the panels are connected by panel connection pins. The conversion between the parts is easy and they are lightweight. It is easy to assemble or disassemble and transport them. It can also be assembled into different forms of panel bridges according to their span length and transportation requirement. So, it has been widely applied as a more developed and guaranteed panel bridges for emergency transportation. It is suitable for load designs of HS-15, HS-20, HS-25 and pedrail-50 etc.

Another type is the compact 321 panel bridge designed by China Program Designing Institution of Transport Ministry according to Chinese codes and local practice. Its design is based on the compact 100 panel bridge. Comparing with the compact 100 panel bridge, the design, except for minor change of some sizes, are conforming to the standard of compact 100 panel bridges, so this type of bridge can also satisfy all the application standards of the compact 100 panel bridges.
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